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Product Features versus Product Benefits

A common mistake made in product messaging is confusing a product feature with a product benefit. To improve your product messaging, you must understand the difference between a feature and a benefit.

  • A product feature is a characteristic of your product that describes its appearance, its components, and its capabilities.
  • For example, the Digi Entertainment Center allows you to record up to three television shows at the same time.

  • A product benefit is an advantage or value that your product will offer its buyer.
  • For example, the Digi Entertainment Center effectively replaces up to three VCRs saving you space, eliminating converter boxes, and simplifying setup for multiple recordings.

Now that we understand the difference between a product feature and a product benefit, How do we use them in our messaging?

Improve your product messaging effectiveness with these two principles.

  1. Always lead with product benefits.

  2. When you use product benefits in your messaging, you speak directly to the prospect's motivations. Benefits are already "translated" into the prospect's language. This makes them easier to remember and more likely to create action.

  3. Support product benefits with features.

  4. You use product features as proof points for the product benefits. Thus when product benefits are associated with specific product features, both messages are strengthened.

When product features stand alone, you require the prospect to "translate" a product capability into a value of interest. Why risk a mistranslation?

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